Sunday, November 8, 2015

Burma elections: Buddhist monks warm to military

The Independent of UK has published a good article from Peter Popham on election on Burma. It is about two days old but very helpful to understand the depth of bigotry within the Buddhists of Burma. Lies are propagated by Buddhist monks of the terrorist organization Ma Ba Tha to foment genocidal hatred against the Rohingya and other Muslims. By the way, the Rakhine state which saw most of the genocidal pogroms against the Rohingya is not alone in this genocidal crime. Even Rangoon, the former capital with a big Muslim population, is witnessing such unfathomed hatred and animosity.
“A long time ago there were no divisions,” said San Tin Kyaw, a Muslim running for election in central Rangoon. “Buddhists and Muslims lived together and struggled for independence under one flag.” But the paranoid nationalism of successive Burmese rulers, starting with General Ne Win, has slowly eroded their position: children today learn only about Buddhism, not other religions, and increasingly Muslims found it harder to move around the country and get decent jobs.
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