Monday, November 16, 2015

China wants to justify its crimes against the persecuted Uighurs in Xinjiang

The terrorist attacks like the one that took place last Friday in Paris always invigorate criminal regimes to unleash their brand of state terrorism on targeted groups that are considered rebellious. We have seen how the events in 9/11 allowed criminal regimes all across the globe from China to Myanmar to Russia to wipe out resistance from the groups they considered hostile to their regimes.
In Myanmar, 9/11 allowed the criminal military regimes to persecute the Rohingya Muslim minorities with a much harsher state sponsored program that was not seen for quite sometime since Ne Win's time. The same was the case with Chinese communist regime against the Uighur Muslims whose lands it grabbed making them a second class citizens in their ancestral home. And the same was true for Russia against the Chechens under Putin.
So, I am not surprised that Chinese government is again trying to take advantage of the Paris attacks to justify its war in East Turkistan, which it calls Xinjiang.  China has appealed for international help in the battle it says it is waging against Islamist militants in its far western region of Xinjiang. You can read the disturbing development by clicking here.

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