Monday, November 9, 2015

Global warming no longer a myth

Global warming is no longer treated as a myth but as a hard fact. Based on the records of temperature around the globe it is said that we may breach the average 1 deg C rise in temperature this year, which is sure to make this worse for tens of millions of people, esp. some 62 million people living in South Asia (formerly known as Indian Sub-continent). Many of the low lying territories like the Maldives would have its coastal territories vulnerable to the rising sea water level.
It is a bad news for our planet unless we all make a big difference in lowering the use of greenhouse gases like CO2 and CH4 (carbon dioxide and methane).
Can the developing countries like India and China that are using the fossil fuels to move up in technology and meet the energy needs of the growing population that are now more dependent on such than anytime before make the desired change? Or it will all be the same as usual with finger pointing for the root cause of the problem that threatens us all?

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