Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hypocrisy a la American style!

Wash Post

By now you probably heard about the entire hullabaloo about a cartoon in which the Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz appeared with his two daughters. The cartoon appeared in the Washington Post and then was pulled out shortly thereafter.

Ann Telnaes, a Post cartoonist, 
drew an animation of the Republican presidential contender in a Santa outfit, with two hatted creatures, after the family gamely appeared in a parody television advertisement that aired during "Saturday Night Live" this weekend. In the 90-second spot, "Cruz Christmas Classics," which had nearly 1.5 million views as of Tuesday afternoon, the daughters and Cruz's wife, Heidi, read from a fictional holiday-themed children's book while sitting together on the couch.
Cruz quickly blasted the Post's cartoon saying that the newspaper should not make fun of 5-year old kids. Telnaes, however, defended her cartoon on Twitter.
"Ted Cruz has put his children in a political ad -- don't start screaming when editorial cartoonists draw them as well," she wrote. She added that Cruz had now made his kids acceptable targets for satire.
"When a politician uses his children as political props, as Ted Cruz recently did in his Christmas parody video in which his eldest daughter read (with her father's dramatic flourish) a passage of an edited Christmas classic, then I figure they are fair game," she wrote.
Republicans and conservatives all were angry. They said, "This is off limits and Ted Cruz was absolutely right to be outraged."

'Off limits'! Really?

I ask: what happened to all those screams about freedom of speech, press or expression?  Why are these promoters of such rights so angry about the Cruz cartoon? Did not these same guys support the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, considered offensive to some 1.6 billion Muslims? Did not these supporters of 'freedom of speech' like to march with those offenders in the streets of Paris who tried to mock Islam?

What hypocrites!

As I have been saying many of these guys have a very thin skin and are outright bigots and hypocrites. When push comes to shove, they show their real ugly colors. And it's disgusting. 

So, I was not surprised to see the reactions from them when one of theirs, e.g., Ted Cruz, became a topic of a cartoon. Through their hypocrisy they have once again shown that offensive cartoons can be 'off-limits' to them when it depicts them negatively but are kosher when Islam and Muslims are negatively portrayed. 

To learn more about the Cruz cartoon controversy, click here.

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