Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Christian terrorist group - LRA kidnaps people in CAR

The Christian terrorist group, Lord's Resistance Army (LRA), known for massacring and mutilating civilians as well as abducting children to serve as fighters and sex slaves, raided a mine near the village of Diya, around 600 km (370 miles) east of the capital Bangui of Central African Republic, on Saturday. The terrorist group is led by notorious warlord Joseph Kony. 
LRA rebels killed a villager and abducted dozens of others during two weekend raids in a remote diamond-producing area of Central African Republic, local residents and officials said on Tuesday.

"In the first abduction, they kidnapped 10 people. Six were freed. The others are still with them. In the second abduction, around 20 people were taken and are still with the attackers," said local government official Herve Omere Fei-Omona.
Local residents said the gunmen wore uniforms and did not speak French or the national language, Sango.
"Those kidnapped went to sell their products at the market in Diya and were kidnapped in order to carry what the LRA had looted in the village," said local humanitarian worker Gaston Gazale.
After a military crackdown by Kampala, the LRA left Uganda about a decade ago and its fighters have roamed across lawless parts of Democratic Republic of Congo, South Sudan and Central African Republic ever since.
You can read more about the disturbing news by clicking here.

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