Monday, January 18, 2016

Israeli weapons aid potential genocides in Myanmar and Burundi

Israel is an apartheid country with different sets of laws for her indigenous Palestinians. Since her illegitimate birth in 1948, she has always been following a colonial plan to expand her territories while dehumanizing the conquered people who now have become a minority as a result of the Zionist state's policy of Jewish influx and Palestinian forced exodus. 
Just like the birds of the same feather, colonial enterprises like to flock together. It was no accident that the rogue state was a major partner of the apartheid state of South Africa, arming her to her teeth, before world sanctions and divestment forced the latter to change its apartheid course. 
So, I am not surprised to find out that the Zionist state has been a major arms supplier to the murderous Myanmar regime since the 1990s. Those weapons have been responsible for much of bloodshed, mayhem and destruction in ethnic/ minority territories of Myanmar. 
According to a 2000 report in the London-based publication Jane’s Intelligence Review, throughout the 1990s Israel sold 9mm Uzi submachine guns and 155mm Soltam towed howitzers to Myanmar.
Meanwhile, Israel’s Mossad espionage and assassination agency provided training to its Myanmar counterparts and former Israeli army officers “provided training to Myanmar’s elite counter-terrorist squad.” Elbit Systems upgraded Myanmar’s F-7 fighter jets.
Israeli military ties with Myanmar continued into the next decade, with Israel reportedly selling 150 Brazilian EE-9 Cascavel tanks to Myanmar in 2005.

Israeli arms sales to the African nation of Burundi have also continued despite that country’s recent descent into violence. Eitay Mack, an Israeli human rights lawyer dedicated to exposing Israel’s weapons exports to abusive regimes, wrote a letter last month urging Israel’s defense ministry to halt the weapons flow to Burundi. “Israel has been involved in events in Burundi for years,” Mack observed. “In the vicious civil war in the 1990s, Israelis both trained forces and supplied weapons.”
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