Friday, January 22, 2016

Blackmailing the USA!

Remember Jonathan Pollard, the American spy who leaked sensitive defense and national security info to Israel? He was serving a long prison term, until, of course, lately. He has been a free man for a few months. He is well settled now inside Israel. It was done in a hush-hush way. Obama had to cave into Israeli decade-long demand to release him. With friends like that we don't need too many enemies!
Yes, the pariah state knows how to blackmail us too well.  Benjamin Netanyahu was in Davos. There, the Israeli Prime Minister told the World Economic Forum in Davos on Thursday that his country will need more US military aid because of the nuclear deal with Iran. Israel is currently negotiating a new 10-year military aid package with Washington that it says will need to grow beyond the $3.1 billion yearly currently provided by the United States.

The figure excludes US spending on projects including Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system.

Netanyahu, whose country is the sole nuclear power in the Middle East, though it has never declared it, strongly opposed the accord and labelled it a "historic mistake."
With the Israel-first 'Amen Corner' inside the Capitol Hill it does not need too much patting on the shoulder to get what it wants. And I am sure the US government will again comply with Netanyahu's request, esp. coming as it does in an election year.

Well, now the convicted spy Pollard appears to be groomed for delivering a series of speeches in public gatherings inside Israel. Next week, he will wear a Shabbat-friendly electronic monitoring bracelet and will discuss the status of his legal battle with Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish American Organizations.  Here is the latest info on the subject.

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