Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Minority Status in India

Can a minority group have its own university? Probably, not, if it is in today's India where a religious minority is debarred from establishing a university inasmuch as a university can only be established by a legislature. The case in point is with the status of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), which was established during the British rule for the educational advancement of Muslims of India. In this regard, one may recall the remark of Tara Chand, an eminent historian of modern India, who once succinctly said, “it will be a falsification of the history of India if it is asserted from any quarter that the AMU was not established by the Muslims and primarily for the educational advancement of the Muslims of India”. 
Prof. Aftab Alam of AMU has written an article on this subject. He writes, "It is the duty of the government to ensure that the rights guaranteed to minorities are not turned into a “teasing illusion and promise of unreality”."
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