Saturday, January 23, 2016

Myanmar’s ethnic cleansing leaves the world’s hands filthy

Nicholas Kristof has written several times over the years about the brutalization of the Rohingya. For some readers the Rohingya people and their sufferings seem obscure and remote. Why worry about a distant people when there are so many crises in our own backyard? Kristof shares the story of Jano Begum, 22, and her husband, Robi Alom, 30, who are among the more than 1 million Muslims who belong to the Rohingya minority in Myanmar, subjected to an ethnic cleansing that a Yale study suggests may amount to genocide. He wants us to put ourselves in Jano’s situation, as she sits in a hut in a concentration camp here, and think how far you would go to save your spouse. "How much should you sacrifice to save your husband’s life?," asks Kristof. "And how much hardship do you inflict on your son to rescue your husband?"
Those are the questions Jano Begum faced. 
You can read Kristof's article by clicking here.

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