Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Arrest of a teenage student in India on suspicion of being an IS agent

All her son, a Class XII student, owned by way of electronics was a phone that he “got from a friend a few days ago”. It was this, she is being told, that was her son’s gateway to terror. On January 22, he was arrested by the Maharashtra Anti --Terrorism Squad and charged with being the Islamic State’s No. 2 man in India.
Since a team of dozen policemen in plainclothes came and took him away, the family has locked up their house and moved to a relative’s home at an undisclosed location. The mother is here in Kushinagar to pick up a few things. “He had no laptop or anything else. He hardly left the house except to go to school or for coaching. All he had was a mobile phone that he had got only a few days ago from a friend. I told him to return it. I am sure my son has been framed,” she says.
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