Thursday, February 25, 2016

Guantánamo Prison: will it be ever closed for the right reason?

President Obama wants to shut down the Guantánamo Bay prison. No one takes him seriously any more. I don't. I found him untrustworthy - he promised the closure during his first term, and it is now more than seven years, and still the prison is open and holding up many prisoners who have not been charged yet. It is a disgrace! It is a shameful act tarnishing US image globally, and has been a recruiting tool for radicals around the globe.

"Guantánamo has been a pockmark on our society ever since it opened. The detention facility itself is a human rights abomination, but it’s not just the physical center that is a problem – it is the spirit it embodies," writes Trevor Timm. "The policy of indefinite detention in Gitmo makes a mockery of the US constitution. That’s why, as Barack Obama makes his latest impassioned and forceful plea to close it once and for all, it is shameful that he is leaving in place the practices that enabled it to flourish in the first place."
Indefinite detention – holding detainees for what is now decades with no trial or even charges of any kind on the horizon – is about as antithetical to American values and the constitution as it gets. There are dozens of detainees that are cleared for release now – and have been cleared for release for years – that still remain behind bars on the US military base in Cuba. But there are dozens more that the US considers “unfit for trial” but “too dangerous to release”. (Many of them can’t be tried because the US tortured them.) 
He writes, "President Obama wants to close Guantánamo. But unless he ends the policy of indefinite detention, it’s shameful spirit will live on."
You can read Timm's article by clicking here

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