Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Israel cannot be both Jewish and Democratic

The government of Israel is expected to present a new version of a bill allowing Knesset to suspend sitting lawmakers. The new version replaces the criterion for suspension from "behavior unbecoming a Knesset member" to one of three grounds: denying Israel's existence as a Jewish and democratic state, inciting to racism and supporting the armed struggle of terror organization or an enemy state.
It is a mockery! How could the state of Israel be both democratic and Jewish at the same time when it denies basic rights of Muslim and Christian Palestinian people living within its border? It can't be both since these two terms are exclusive in nature in the context of Israel with a sizable non-Jewish population.
Click here also to see Labor Party's apartheid mantra. Labor leader Isaac Herzog laid out his vision a few weeks earlier at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv, telling the audience that he “wish[es] to separate from as many Palestinians as possible, as quickly as possible.”  Herzog continued by explaining that “we’ll erect a big wall between us. That is the kind of co-existence that is possible right now… Ariel Sharon… didn’t finish the job. We want to finish it, to complete the barrier that separates us.”
Herzog’s underlying assumption is that under current conditions a two-state solution is impossible. He is, however, adamantly against a one state solution, whereby Jews and Palestinians live together as equals. His objective is to formulate a plan that guarantees the continued existence of a Jewish state, with about five million Palestinians living within its territory.
The plan unabashedly promotes Palestinian Bantustans. Herzog notes that Palestinians will gain more autonomy to run their daily lives in areas A and B, which comprise only about 40% of the West Bank. “Palestinians will have total freedom in civil but not military matters,” he said. “They’ll be able to build new cities and expand existing ones, to develop agriculture, industry, employment.”
In order to ensure the consolidation of the division of the West Bank into archipelagoes, the plan emphasizes the importance of completing the separation barrier around settlement blocs in the West Bank, because the blocs, according to Herzog, will always remain under Israeli sovereignty and “will be part of the permanent solution.”
In order to get rid of Palestinians who are residents of Israel and have an Israeli identity card, Herzog endorses cutting off Palestinian villages from Jerusalem.‫

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