Sunday, February 21, 2016

Kalamazoo killings

While checking news around the USA, I came across a little publicized news from Kalamazoo, MI where Jason Brian Dalton has been arrested in connection with three shooting incidents that killed six people and injured two more . Prosecutor Jeff Getting expects Dalton to be formally charged Monday.
    There is "no reason to believe" that the Saturday evening shooting rampage is related to terrorism, Getting said. Dalton, the lone suspect, apparently picked his victims at random, the prosecutor said. No motive has been determined yet, he said. Dalton is a white American. 
    I am sure if a similar shooting incident was caused by a Muslim, insane or sane, the media will be abuzz now with smells of terrorism, and Mr. Getting would have 'reason to believe' that the shootings may be terrorist related. 

    That is what's happening in the USA, which is, sadly, very disconcerting! This again also demonstrates how the media create the opinion that is feeding Islamophobia. 

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