Monday, February 22, 2016

Kudos to Lt. Governor Najeeb Jung of Delhi

Kudos to Delhi's Lt. Governor, Najeeb Jung for approving the prosecution sanction request against BJP leader Subramanian Swamy and four others in a case of promoting enmity among religious groups. Delhi government’s home department had sent the file seeking approval for prosecution sanction to the Lt. Governor (L-G) in January. The government communication to the L-G had stated, “A news article titled ‘How to wipe out Islamic Terror’ was published in an English daily, DNA, on July 16, 2011 under the name of Dr Subramaniam Swamy.
In this regard a complaint dated August 5, 2011 was received from Ms Esther Kar, Joint Secretary, National Commission of Minorities… After perusal of this complaint, commission was of the view that said article amounted to commission of criminal offence, since it promoted disharmony, ill will and enmity between religious groups.” 
Mr Swamy is a known bigot with expansionist ideas for India. As a powerful member of the BJP, his agenda is Hindtuva, a fascist ideology in which minorities have no rights other than converting either to Hinduism or to leave the country. He has previously called for annexation of Bangladesh against which I wrote an article condemning his attitude. 
It takes lots of guts to go after a rogue politician like Swamy. I am glad to see that Mr. Jung has the guts to go after Swamy.

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