Sunday, February 21, 2016

Minority jobs in the Indian Central Government - clear case of disparity

MINORITIES in India constituted 8.71 per cent of central government recruitment in 2014-15 with 13,571 of them obtaining jobs from a total of 1.56 lakh, according to information obtained by The Indian Express under the RTI Act. It should be noted that according to the Census, the total percentage of minorities in the country is over 20 per cent, including Muslims (14.2 per cent), Christians (2.78 per cent), Sikhs (2.08), Buddhists (0.84) and Jains (0.45). 

The government has disclosed that it was unable to compile data for recruitment of minorities for 2013-14 because its ministries either did not provide information or delayed the process. In 2012-13, records show, the recruitment of minorities constituted 7.37 per cent of the total. 

Although the actual percentage of Muslims in this new recruits has not been shared, earlier reports have shown that their share in government jobs is below 2 percent, way below their national share. So, India has a long way to bring in some parity in the job sector for the minorities, which would give them a sense of belonging.

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