Sunday, February 21, 2016

Trump - is he following Hitler's trail?

Donald Trump is selling Islamophobia. And since bigotry and racism always sell in a country where minorities live in the midst of an ocean of majority - here in the USA, by that I mean, Christians - Trump has been able to use bigotry against Muslims and racism against the Latinos to polarize Americans who are helping him to become the front runner within the GOP presidential hopefuls. Remember, years ago, he also raised President Obama's birther issue. I am sure if the current president was not the son of a Kenyan Muslim such charges against the president would never have aired.

You may know that conservative Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia had died last week. While Obama did not go to Scalia's funeral, he attended Friday's public viewing at the Supreme Court building as the late justice's casket laid in repose. Vice President Joe Biden attended Saturday's funeral. But see below how Trump used Scalia's funeral service to sell bigotry.
Donald Trump on Saturday suggested President Barack Obama would have attended the funeral of Antonin Scalia had the late Supreme Court justice's service been held in a mosque.
"I wonder if President Obama would have attended the funeral of Justice Scalia if it were held in a Mosque? Very sad that he did not go," he tweeted Saturday.
Trump has long been one of the most vocal skeptics about Obama's birthplace and Christian faith. When Obama visited a Baltimore mosque earlier this month, Trump suggested he did so because "maybe he feels comfortable there."
The Republican front-runner also accused Obama of apologizing to Muslims -- without offering any proof -- during the mosque visit.
On Friday cited an apocryphal story about a U.S. general who purportedly dipped bullets in pigs' blood to execute Muslim prisoners a century ago in an effort to deter Islamic terrorism.
Speaking at a rally in North Charleston, South Carolina, Trump reiterated his claim that the U.S. should "go much further" than waterboarding suspected terrorists, telling the story of Gen. John Pershing in the Philippines, who Trump said captured 50 Muslim prisoners a century ago and dipped 50 bullets in blood.
    "And he lined up the 50 people and they shot 49 of those 50 people, and he said to the 50th, you go back to your people and you tell them what happened -- and in 25 years there wasn't a problem," Trump said to the audience, which grew quiet as he told the story.
    Coming in contact with swine is forbidden under Islamic law. Muslims, like Jews, consider pig to be a filthy animal, and anything from it to be haram or forbidden. 
    Later Saturday, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a leading Muslim civil rights group, said Trump's "rhetoric has crossed the line from spreading hatred to inciting violence." "By directly stating that the only way to stop terrorism is to murder Muslims in graphic and religiously-offensive ways, he places the millions of innocent, law-abiding citizens in the American Muslim community at risk from rogue vigilantes," the group said in a statement. "He further implies that our nation should adopt a strategy of systematized violence in its engagement with the global Muslim community, a chilling message from a potential leader. We pray that no one who hears this message follows his gospel of hate."
    Muslim Advocates, another Muslim civil rights group, said Trump's comments "are abhorrent and simply have no place in the American public forum. We urge all Americans of good conscience to come together and rise above hate and extremist rhetoric that only serves to divide us at a time when we must stand together."
    As can be seen, recently in his election campaigns, Trump has been using his bigotry-ridden anti-Muslim card to sell his credential as The person to vote for to make 'America great again.' 

    Trump reminds me of Adolf Hitler who, some eight decades ago after Germany's defeat in the First World War and signing of the humiliating Versailles Pact, was able to use anti-Jewish bigotry and racism to sell his Nazi fascism to regain 'Germany's greatness.' Germans 

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