Saturday, February 20, 2016

Uri Avnery's article: when God Despairs

Can Israel be both Jewish and democratic at the same time? Uri Avnery says, Israel can be Jewish state in a part of the country with Jewish population. But it cannot be both a democratic and Jewish Israel in all of the country. 
But the Zionist leaders want to make Israel both a democratic and Jewish state at the same time. Netanyahu has a simple solution: he wants to pass a law that would be a watershed in the history of Israel. The law would enable 90 of the 120 Knesset members to evict any or all the other members from the Knesset altogether. The grounds for such a decision are nebulous: supporting "terrorism" – by speech as well as by deed, denying the Jewish character of the state, and such.
Who decides? The majority, of course. 

What a democracy in Israel! And how it is being abused in Israel!

Any student of democracy knows that democracy means that the majority respects the rights of minorities. Including the right of free speech. Avnery says, "The right of free speech does not mean the right to express popular views. Popular views do not need any protection. Free speech means the right to utter views that are detested by almost everyone."

He says, "In the West Bank, which is governed by Israel, there live about 2.5 million people who are devoid of any civil and human rights. Just this week Amira Hass, the courageous Israeli chronicler of the occupation, described how the comfortable home of a Palestinian bourgeois family was invaded in the middle of the night by an army squad and they were told to clear their living room, which became an army outpost. The soldiers brought with them a portable chemical WC, but relieved themselves freely from the balcony."

You can read Uri Avnery's article by clicking here.

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