Saturday, February 6, 2016

Uri Avnery's latest article

Here is the link to Uri Avnery's latest article: Optimism of the Will. 
He is not too optimistic of UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon's latest efforts for a 2-nation peaceful solution of the Palestinian crisis. Ban Ki-moon said Friday he was "ashamed" at the lack of progress in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. "I feel guilty, ashamed of the lack of progress," he told an event organised by the United Nations Association - UK in association with foreign affairs think-tank Chatham House in London.
"Basically it's up to the leadership of Israel and the Palestinians to put an end to the conflict," he said.
"I am not working for a particular country or a particular policy but for the people in the region."
The peace process has been deadlocked since a US peace mission collapsed in April 2014.
UN diplomats say Ban is hoping to get peace talks moving again before he steps down as secretary-general at the end of the year.
Netanyahu, the Israeli PM, is opposed to the two-nation solution.  Recently, the latter has announced that the Israelis shall "forever live by the sword” – a Biblical phrase going back to the admonition of Avner, King Saul’s general, who cried out to King David’s general Yoav "Shall the sword devour for ever?"
Like Uri, I don't see any hope of a peaceful solution either. The Zionists ruling the state of Israel know how to exploit and they have big supporters in the West who won't dare to push them to seek an alternative solution.

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