Wednesday, March 23, 2016

AIPAC conference

AIPAC's annual meeting is now over with all the fanfare and publicity. All the major contenders minus Bernie Sanders appeared and spoke to the audience showing how to them Israel stands first and how they will fulfill whatever Zionist criminals demand. Yes, from Hillary to Trump to Kasich to Ted - all were proud of being the biggest supporters of war crimes of the pariah regime that had been repeatedly condemned in the UN General Assembly scores of time for its horrendous records on racism, discrimination and human rights violations.
Here is something that you may not have known: while many attendees did not like Trump for his offensive xenophobic and racist comments, when the same comments are made by Israeli leaders they are very dismissive and/or forgiving. That says a lot about hypocrisy that highlight such events and the messages that come out.
Click the link here for a sample.

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