Sunday, March 20, 2016

Ted Cruz's foreign policy team

With the Republican contest for the president heating up, Ted Cruz, the other candidate eager to out-trump Trump, has surrounded himself with some of the most aggressive hawks imaginable. Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has unveiled his new foreign policy team saying they are a group of his “trusted friends” who believe in a “strong America.”
They include: 1. neoconservative ultra-hawk Frank Gaffney, a loudly anti-Muslim bigot.
2. Michael Ledeen, the man at the center of the yellowcake uranium forgeries, among the pretexts for the 2003 US invasion and occupation of Iraq. Ledeen has been involved in a litany of scandals, dating all the way back to Iran-Contra. He was also, notably, the man who got Israeli spy Jonathon Pollard his job at the US Navy.
3. Elliott Abrams who famously pled guilty to two charges of withholding information related to the scandal from Congress. During his tenure with the later Bush, Abrams was accused by The Guardian of being at the center of a failed 2002 US-backed coup attempt against Venezuela, and was said to have personally given the go-ahead for the effort.
As noted by Jason Ditz, with this team and more, Cruz is surrounding himself with warmongers and criminals of the highest caliber.

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