Friday, April 29, 2016

Myanmar's 'R' problem

The criminal Buddhist monks are again making a mockery of their religion. They have been behind the ethnic cleansing/ genocidal drives in Myanmar against the minority Muslims that resulted in internal displacement of nearly a million people since 2012, let alone the torching of hundreds of Muslim towns and villages, and deaths of thousands. They were the gay hound-dogs of the erstwhile Thein Sein's military regime. And now with the NLD and Suu Kyi in power, they want to again rekindle the flames of intolerance and hatred to create problem for the new government. Typical of the genocidal maniacs of the past, they deny the very existence of the targeted victim - the Rohingya people.
Hundreds of demonstrators, including Buddhist monks, denounced the United States for its use of the term Rohingya to describe Myanmar's stateless Muslim community during a protest outside of the U.S. embassy in Yangon on Thursday. 
The Rohingya, most of whom live in apartheid-like conditions, are seen by many Myanmar Buddhists as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and the term is a divisive topic.
The demonstration was sparked by a statement from the embassy last week expressing condolences for an estimated 21 people, who media said were Rohingya, who drowned off the coast of Rakhine State and came just a day after President Htin Kyaw accepted the credentials of the new U.S. Ambassador, Scot Marciel.
"Today, we, from here, want to declare to the U.S. embassy and the ambassador to Myanmar, to all the other countries, that there is no Rohingya in our country," Parmaukkha, a monk and member of the hardline Buddhist group Ma Ba Tha, told about 300 people who gathered on a busy road across from the embassy compound.
"If the U.S. accepts the term 'Rohingya,' you (U.S.) should take them back to your country."
Just imagine the audacity of these hateful monks who have hijacked their religion.
A spokesman for the U.S. Embassy said the United States supports the right to demonstrate and added that "around the world, people have the ability to self-identifty". And he is right. Denial of the right to self-identify is tantamount to serious crime, e.g., genocide, and should never be taken lightly.

If NLD is serious about stopping such fascistic trends, it must come hard on these fascist monks and their supporters within the Buddhist country. Failing this, the country can revert back to days of targeted pogroms again. But will she tighten the screw against the criminal Ma Ba Tha?
That question remains unanswered now.
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