Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hindu Sena and Donald Trump - bigots united

Bigotry runs very deep in the veins of Hindu Sena, the Hindu fascists of India. To these low lives, the simple formula - enemy of my enemy is my friend - is the mantra to live by. With his bigoted and hateful remarks, Donald Trump has now become their idol, the avatar.
To pledge their “support” for the billionaire businessman, over a dozen Hindu Sena members gathered at Jantar Mantar with a pandit in tow and posters of Trump, either beaming or waving, in their hands. The havan began at 12.30 pm and continued for an hour, during which Hindu Sena members urged god to shower his blessings on Trump.ho will save them.
Gupta also has plans to write to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and request him to make an appeal to the international community to garner support for the Republican frontrunner.

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