Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Who killed Gandhi?

The revelations
  • Delhi police CID report: On 8 Dec, 1947 Golwalkar said RSS had the means to silence Gandhi
  • Lucknow CID's letter: On 1 Dec, 50 RSS men met at Mathura, allegedly discussed assassinating Congress leaders
More in the story
  • How Nehru and Patel differed on RSS role in Gandhi's assassination?
  • Golwalkar's threat that not a single Muslim will be left in India

  • The Supreme Court, in its oral observations, has upbraided Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi for his statement that "RSS people" killed Mahatma Gandhi. In the apex court's wisdom, young Rahul Gandhi could not make a "collective denunciation" of the RSS or the Rashtirya Swayamsewak Sangh.
    It is a moot point whether it is for a court of law to give a clean bill of health to the RSS, 68 years after the assassination of the Mahatma.
    Two important questions, however, remain unanswered: Did the RSS threaten to kill Mahatma Gandhi? And, did the RSS have the capability or the means to do so?
Reports available in the public domain in the Delhi Police Archives say that the RSS did threaten Gandhi and claimed that it had the means to silence him. These are the secret source reports of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Delhi Police for the months preceding Gandhi's assassination.
Here are some extracts from the verbatim copy of a police report of a crucial RSS meeting where The threat was made.
The CID source is identified only as "Sewak" (perhaps an impish play on 'sewaks', the term for RSS volunteers) and filed by Inspector Kartar Singh of the department:

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