Sunday, November 20, 2016

A country of non-nationals

I have noted a few times that our world is increasingly becoming difficult for ordinary people. Fascist forces are making their lives unbearable, and they are too many, from one corner of the planet to another. In India, the situation is also dire for many minorities.
"I thought the Muslims were the only anti nationals in this country. But I was mistaken. Earlier, thousands of people including even women and children who were questioning Koodankulam nuclear plant were declared as anti nationals. They are not the only ones outside the community of Muslims.  Over 11,000 NGOs in India are restricted from FCRA, while the Prime Minister himself has been flying around all the time for foreign funds. The technical and bureaucratic  reasons given by the government may not appear to be convincing enough for anybody who studies the subject. Majority of the NGOs who are targeted belong to the Christian groups. But there is no word of resistance from the Christian leaders. They are still trying to solve the problems through backdoors without realising that the issue is political and it is an open attack on the minorities," writes K.P. Sasi, who is a film maker and critic.
During the summer, Modi's government stopped Peace TV from operating out of India, again on the pretext that the channel is funded from donations received overseas. As noted by Sasi, the Modi government itself runs of foreign aid. Its BJP and RSS and all those saffron fascists are funded by rich Indians living in the Middle East, Singapore, Europe and North America. I don't see Modi government stop such saffron fundings. What a double standard!
You can read Sasi's article by clicking here.

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