Saturday, November 19, 2016

Another disturbing news from Arakan

Here is another disturbing news of genocidal activities of the Myanmar government against the Rohingyas of Arakan:

According to the Kaladan Press, yesterday, the Burmese army and Border Guard Police (BGP) raided Kyet Roe Pyin and Nai Chaung villages of Maungdaw North and raped many women, arrested many villagers (over 100 villagers), looted properties and tortured them severely.

As a result, many villagers (nearly about 10,000) from these two villages gathered at Pruma Chaung Bridge to cross the river to go to Bangladesh. Meanwhile, being informed, a group of military came to the spot and brush fired the Rohingya people who had gathered there. Many people were killed, wounded and many dead bodies are floating in the river. The situation is very bad.

The Burmese army is present in every village.  Every villager they meet is accused as a Rohingya militant and are arrested and tortured. So, all the male villagers are being portrayed as militants.

How could they survive in the village? It is unbelievable that every day, Rohingya women and girls are being raped by army and BGP personnel, while the world simply watches and does nothing to stop such war crimes!

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