Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Donald Trump’s Plan to ‘Make America Great Again’ is Ethnic Cleansing

Here is an article by Arun Gupta about Trump.
He writes, "Trumpism boils down to one idea: ethnic cleansing. When he says, “Make America Great Again,” his followers understand he is really saying, “Make America White Again.”
While much of Trump’s platform is an ad hoc stream of viciousness, his core ideas involve eliminating entire groups from the public sphere. Millions would be physically removed...
Trump’s sinister tales are well-suited for his audience. A massive Gallup survey of more than 26,000 Trump fans concluded, “The racial and ethnic isolation of whites at the zip code level is one of the strongest predictors of Trump support.” Likewise, a New York Times analysis of census data found the second-strongest indicator of support were among those who listed their ancestry as “American.” Then there is the fact that as the density of a county increases, which correlates with diversity, so does the likelihood that it goes Democratic. His voters skew older with greatest support among those over 65."
He continues, "Ethnic cleansing sounds extreme because it evokes images of armed bands of grim-faced men from the Balkans to the Congo violently displacing communities. But afflicted by national amnesia, we forget ethnic cleansing defines every era of American history and the most extreme forms, such as the genocide of Native Americans and Jim Crow, have been official policy.
There are many other examples. The 19th century was marked by anti-Chinese and anti-Catholic pogroms. Scholars say in the 1910s the Texas Rangers massacred “hundreds—if not thousands—of Mexican-Americans” in the state. This was also the dawn of the “great migration” of African-Americans leaving the South for booming cities in the North. Racial and labor tensions led to scores of race riots during World War One and after, though many should be labeled pogroms. White vigilantes aided by local law enforcement who murdered hundreds of African-Americans in East St. Louis in 1917, up to 300 in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1921, 237 people in Elaine, Arkansas in 1919, and an unknown number in Rosewood, Florida in 1923.
Meanwhile, thousands of towns from Maine to California and Texas to Minnesota were convulsed by ethnic cleansing."
"If Trump is elected, he would likely have a Republican Congress and could solidify a hard-right Supreme Court majority, leaving few checks. He would have more power than George W. Bush and a far more extreme agenda...
It’s already happening. A Kansas militia calling itself “The Crusaders” was thwarted in October from allegedly perpetrating an Oklahoma City-style massacre on Somali immigrants. They planned to time the attack to the day after the election so as not to affect it, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations put the blame squarely on Trump for encouraging “domestic terrorist groups to commit acts of terrorism and violence against our community.” The three white militiamen arrested referred to Somalis as “cockroaches” and wanted to kill them because they “represent a threat to American society.” They hoped a bloodbath would “wake up” a lot more people to “decide they want this country back.”
Those words could have come straight out of Donald Trump’s mouth."

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