Saturday, November 12, 2016

Slow genocide in South Sudan

Remember all the fuss, commotion, hue and cry, uproarfuror, hubbub and brouhaha about South Sudan? The oil-rich region was sliced out of the Muslim-majority Sudan, based solely upon massive propaganda fed by regional warlords within the Christian minorities in the south. False stories were blown out of proportion to show how they were discriminated by their fellow blacks who happened to be Muslims.
And the separatists had the support from Hollywood actor Clooney and her  yet-to-be-then-wife barrister wife Amal to the media spinners to the evangelical Christian preachers on the pulpits to the powerful governments in the USA, Europe and Israel. So, it was a success story for these vultures to see the emergence of another Christian country in the belly of Africa. Ignored willfully in this big criminal ploy was the fate of many South Sudanese who are animists by faith and ethnically different who are opposed to Christian indoctrination and domination.
So, now they are suffering miserably in the hands of Christian war-criminals. Their women are being raped, men massacred, schools, colleges and homes totally destroyed forcing them to take refuge in neighboring Sudan, Uganda and elsewhere. It is a sad story of betrayal and genocide!
As the UN report suggests a slow genocide is taking place there, much like what is taking place in Myanmar against the Rohingyas  and other Muslim minorities.
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