Monday, November 21, 2016

Tulsi Gabbard's shameless activities

Tulsi Gabbard, Rep. (D) is a congresswoman from Hawaii. She met Donald Trump today.

She is a Hindu neocon democrat who is for civilization war against Muslims worldwide. And as such, it was no accident that she did not support American involvement to curtail Russia's and Syria's slaughter of civilians there.

American indifference in Syria has resulted in the massacre of 350 civilians just in the last two days. Aleppo, the oldest continuously lived/populated city on earth, has been bombed to utter ruins. There is not a single hospital standing intact to care for anyone there.

Tulsi is an unabashed supporter of murderous Modi regime in India, which wants India to become a state for the Hindus only. Thus, while she is protective of India's interest and fascist Hindutvadi agenda, which has resulted in much suffering for the Christians and Muslims in India, she is gung-ho when it comes to Muslims! What double standards!

So no one should be surprised that she is the first democrat to meet with Trump, approve of the nomination of Bannon - a white supremacist, and so on and so forth. Shame on her!

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