Friday, November 18, 2016

White and wealthy voters and religious bigots gave victory to Donald Trump

Far from being purely a revolt by poorer whites left behind by globalisation, who did indeed turn out in greater numbers for the Republican candidate than in 2012, Trump’s victory also relied on the support of the middle-class, the better-educated and the well-off.
Here is an article on the subject from the Guardian of the UK.

A strong white evangelical, white Catholic and Mormon vote for Donald Trump belied the condemnation many religious leaders had leveled at the tycoon and paved the way for a stunning upset after a long and polarizing campaign.
Preliminary exit polls indicate these religious groups voted for Trump by wide margins — and, in the case of white evangelicals, wider than they had given to GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in 2012. Click here to see the report on religious votes for Trump.

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