Thursday, November 3, 2016

Words of intolerance that poison our world

Genocide and ethnic cleansing never happen in a vacuum. The persecutors or executors of such evil sell such an initiative as a national project for its people by poisoning their minds.
It was always the same everywhere such evils happened from Nazi Germany during Hitler's time to today's Myanmar where Suu Kyi rules.

For decades, most Burmese and Rakhines were programmed to hate those who did not look like them, who were different culturally, racially and religiously. Their targeted victims included the Rohingya, which are called Kalar (niggers) in Myanmar. Sadly, that intolerance against the non-Buddhist Rohingya and other population did not ebb a bit even with the coming into of power of Suu Kyi. As a matter of fact, her love of Buddhist exclusionism has given a new meaning to all those bigots and racists to carry out their hated campaign against all those who are non-Buddhists.

Click here for a Facebook sample from Myanmar, posted by a Buddhist from Myanmar to fathom the depth of his intolerance. In this page, the gun-totting soldier La Min, wearing military uniform, posted that he wanted to kill dog-Kalars ( dog-Rohingyas) and their god Allah. It was posted on October 11, 2016 and liked and shared widely in Myanmar Facebook. It was posted by Nyi Nyi.

Myanmar Facebook is full of such hateful Burmese messages against the Rohingya and other non-Buddhists justifying their crimes against their targeted victims. It is simply painful to read those messages!

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