Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Myanmar's farce panel report

A 13-member panel set up by Myanmar's de facto head of state Aung San Suu Kyi to probe the clashes in Rakhine state and the army's response to it said in an interim statement that security forces acted according to the law.
The commission was formed by Suu Kyi following international pressure to investigate allegations that the country's armed forces raped and killed Rohingya Muslim women and children, and burned down their homes.
"Government authorities have followed the law and acted legally in their response to the attackers," Reuters cited the panel as saying. Incidentally, a similar statement was made in October as well, which Longroom had reported at the time.
The commission, headed by Vice President Myint Swe, a general and an acolyte of former junta leader Than Shwe, is expected to deliver a complete report by 31 January.
On Tuesday (13 December), the commission wrapped up a three-day visit to Maungdaw, where the military's response had reportedly forced thousands of Muslims to flee across the border to Bangladesh.
Here are my comments to the farce with the probe:
The so-called probe report from Suu Kyi's panel that "the security forces had abided by the law" in a Muslim-majority area of northwestern Rakhine State should not surprise anyone. It was a hogwash!
The biased, pro-government panel was meant to deflect international pressure about serious war crimes perpetrated by the arsonist, rapist and murderous Myanmar Tatmadaw that has a long history of committing such war crimes. Their savage law suits the very  purpose of an apartheid government that has become what one would call the Mogher Mulluk in which lives of minority Rohingya can be stampeded with impunity.
Simply deplorable!

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