Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Only in Mogher Mulluk!

I just came across a report published in the Bangkok Post that the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture of Myanmar has announced that it is working on a treatise based on documents and chronologies written by historians throughout the ages to prove that the Rohingya community is not an indigenous group of Burma.

My comments follow:
When genocide is taking place to wipe out an entire population based on their ethnicity, color, race and religion it is a moot point whether or not they are indigenous to the land where they are being persecuted. But fascist criminals always have such justifications, no matter how false they are, to hoodwink others, esp. their own whom they want to believe in the myth that they have create to nourish the sinister national agenda towards elimination of the targeted group.

So such criminal ploys by the Myanmar ministry is not surprising to us at all. What these wicked war criminals ought to answer is: what international law allows such an elimination campaign against a targeted group?

Only in Mogher Mulluk like Myanmar can such war crimes be justified by its evil perpetrators. These criminals need to be tried for their crimes against humanity.

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