Monday, December 26, 2016

The UN resolution against Israel

For the first time, in many years, the US government did not veto a pro-Palestine resolution that just got passed in the UN Security Council. Israel's hawkish prime minister Netanyahu is very upset about the resolution which calls for a total stoppage of all settlement activities in the West Bank. For years, it was simply because of the US support that the pariah governments of Israel, one after another, and it did not matter whether they were Likudniks or not, that virtually gave a blank cheque to the rogue state to violate established international laws, including those formulated and drafted by the USA. So, as the world simply watched and watched, Israel continued to build illegal settlements.
That has changed last week when the US government decided not to veto the bill.
Netanyahu is pulling the ambassador from all those countries that passed the bill. He is upset with Obama, the poor Obama, who had been the best supporter of the pariah state since probably Truman.

Here is an analysis of the resolution as to what it means, or may not mean, given that it came too late while Israel continues to build settlements non-stop.

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