Monday, February 27, 2017

Communalising Population Growth: Understanding Demographic Data

Fascists around the globe have always been able to use the population growth amongst the targeted minority to justify their horrendous crimes against them.
This has been the story against the Rohingyas of Myanmar who are the worst persecuted people on earth in the hand of fascist Buddhists of Arakan state in particular, and other Myanmar Buddhists. This is the story of Muslim minorities and Dalits in  India who face daily discrimination and periodic extermination campaigns in the hands of Hindu fascists of the RSS and the BJP and their sister organizations inside India. This is the story of Palestinians in the Occupied Palestine faced by the natives in the hands of outsiders - the Zionists - who want them to find other Arab states to settle down.
Prof. Ram Puniyani takes a look at this issue in India. You can read this, by clicking here.

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