Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Terror Trial We're Really Ignoring - by Dean Obeidallah

'Fake news,’ indeed: The very day Trump whined that the media doesn’t cover Muslim terrorist attacks, it was ignoring the trial of a white man who allegedly tried to kill Muslims.
Dean Obeidallah writes, "A trial began in federal court on Monday of a radical religious cleric who allegedly plotted to kill Americans of another faith to prove his “commitment to our God.” Why haven’t you heard about this, you might be asking? Could it be as Donald Trump claimed Monday that the “dishonest media” is not covering all “radical Islamic” terrorist plots?
No, the actual reason is that the man on trial in a Tennessee federal district court is not Muslim. Rather he’s self-professed Christian minister Robert Doggart. If he were Muslim, we would of course have heard of his sinister plot. But as we have seen time and time again, terrorist plots by non-Muslims are met with a collective yawn by most in our media."
He continues, "Undercover FBI agents allege that Doggart was plotting to travel to upstate New York to kill Muslims there using explosives, an M-4 assault rifle and even a machete to cut the infidels to shreds. The FBI’s investigation also found that Doggart viewed himself as a religious “warrior” who wanted to kill Muslims to show to his commitment to his Christian God. Doggart even boasted that the attack on the Muslims “will be cruel. And we will burn down their buildings [Referring to their mosque and school.]… and if anybody attempts to harm us in any way… we will take them down.”
And in September three men known as “The Crusaders”—as in the Christian crusaders—were arrested for plotting to kill Muslim refugees in Kansas. (Odd that we never hear Trump demand that the media refer to people like these men and Doggart as followers of “radical Christianity.”) Per the FBI, the three had been engaged in surveillance of the apartment complex where primarily Somalian Muslim refuges lived. The FBI also noted that the three spoke of dipping their bullets in pig’s blood before shooting the Muslims—which was reminiscent of a Trump’s campaign stump speech when he wrongly claimed that General Pershing had done the same when fighting in the Philippines."

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