Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Dr Ali al-Ghamdi's piece on the Rohingyas of Myanmar

Dr Ali al-Ghamdi has written an excellent article that I appreciate very much for airing his grave concern about the genocidal activities of the Myanmar government and the racist Rakhine Buddhists there, esp. in the restive Rakhine state (formerly Arakan). It can be seen by clicking here.

The Buddhist regimes since independence from Britain in 1948 has been trying to wipe out Islamic identity in every possible way, even in places like Arakan which traditionally had a very large Muslim population (almost 45%) per works of Dr. Shwe Lu Maung (Shah Nawaz Khan) and other independent researchers. Even with a civilian face, the on-going violence and ethnic cleansing drives against the Rohingya and other Muslim minorities have not ebbed an iota.
Dr Kofi Annan has been a disappointment since his tenure in the UN. So, I was not surprised that he did not utter a single word about the most persecuted Rohingya people in his report as if they did not exist. Annan was put by the sly lady - Suu Kyi - to act as her puppet; it was a distraction tactic to save the criminal face of Myanmar government and its bigotry-ridden Buddhist fascists for western consumption.
We surely need an independent probe into the latest government sponsored crimes against the Rohingya people. It is there that rich and powerful countries like Saudi Arabia and Gulf states can make a difference. I pray and hope that Dr. Ghamdi may be able to influence to make that happen. Here below are some links to my work on the Rohingya people.

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