Sunday, March 5, 2017

FASCISM IN INDIA: debating RSS-BJP politics

A new book on Fascism has come out - FASCISM IN INDIA: debating RSS-BJP politics.
Fascism in Europe came as a horrific phenomenon where ultra nationalist political ideology accompanied by targeting of minorities, rise of a supreme leader and smashing of popular movements led to the torture and massacre of large section of population. Democratic rights stood suspended in these regimes. The authoritarian political ideology and its rulers had a mass base, which gloried the ‘constructed past’.
The situation developing in India from last decade, more so from last couple of years has many features which give semblance of these regimes. The nature of this phenomenon is under debate from quite some time. Some like Prakash Karat of CPI (Marxist) characterize it as ‘mere authoritarian’ while many others argue that it is fascist. The characterization of RSS-BJP has lot of implications on the type of political alliances to be forged by secular democratic forces.
This compilation aims to put together different articles, which unravel the politics of RSS-BJP-Modi
No. of Pages: 224
Price: Rs.240/-
ISBN: 978-93-7495-678-6
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375-A, Pocket 2, Mayur Vihar Phasse-1, Delhi – 110 091, India. 

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