Thursday, March 9, 2017

Meet Germany's Trump

Like Donald Trump of the USA, Germany has its own Trump. She is a woman though. Her name is Frauke Petry, who represents the district of Saxony. She represents the fascist, anti-immigrant, anti-EU Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party.
For the liberal majority, the rise of this new movement has been alarming. Hajo Funke, a professor at Berlin’s Free University and the author of a book about the AfD, On Angry Citizens and Arsonists, said Petry is merely the acceptable face of an otherwise ugly party, arguing that she hasn’t done enough to distance the AfD from anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. “It’s the classic right-wing populist concept of ‘We represent the people, We have the solutions,’ using the scapegoat of Islam,” said Funke. “It's a kind of second wave of anti-Semitism that has re-emerged.”
Richard Weiss, a member of the Green Party in Munich, agrees, saying that Germans, of all people, should be standing up to anti-Muslim rhetoric. “We have to wake up because this is a really dangerous situation if we give the Muslims the same stamp that we gave to the Jews. It’s no different,” he tells Newsweek. “We know better than anyone in the world that we can’t allow this to happen.”
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