Saturday, March 4, 2017

Notes on Empire and Spiritual Death: a Recent Episode - by Paul Street

"The civilians killed in Yemen by Trump don’t qualify for serious concern and mourning in the U.S. and the broader West. Whichever major party (“two wings of the same bird of prey” in Upton Sinclair’s words 113 years ago) and whatever sort of political actor (slick Ivy League law school graduates like Bill Clinton [Yale Law] and Barack Obama [Harvard Law] or brutish clods like George W. Bush and Donald Trump) holds the White House and/or Congress, those “collateral damage” dead are mere “bug-splat” (an actual Pentagon term for civilian casualties in the invasion of Iraq) on the windows of the great rolling American liberty Humvee of endless planetary death and destruction. Properly socialized and indoctrinated U.S. journalists and commentators can’t or won’t see or care enough about these officially undeserving dead and injured humans to include them in their understanding of what’s wrong with the United States’ unmentionably criminal and mass-murderous foreign policy. That might keep their paychecks coming salaries intact but it makes them agents of America’s ongoing spiritual self-destruction," Paul Street writes.
To read his entire article, click here.

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