Sunday, April 23, 2017

Climate change - Vietnam is in danger of drowning

To many Americans all those talk about climate change is like making mole out of a mountain; it is unreal, just a hoax. But the reality is quite different for many people, esp. those living in low-lying delta places in South and Southeast Asia.

Vietnam is in danger. Rising sea levels pose a huge threat to this coastal country. In less than 100 years much of southern Vietnam’s Mekong Delta – the heart of the nation’s rice production – could go the way of Atlantis. The Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment  predicts that the ocean will swallow more than a third of the region by the year 2100, taking a swath of Ho Chi Minh City with it. Halfway up the coast from the Mekong Delta, Hoi An’s prognosis is better, but it’s not immune. The city sits where the Thu Bon River meets the South China Sea. Its inhabitants are already used to hauling furniture upstairs during seasonal floods.

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