Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Rohingya Man tortured to death and two men missing

Here below is a very disturbing news about Rohingyas of Myanmar, which is reported by RB News.

The Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) tortured a Rohingya Man to death in Southern Maungdaw last night (on June 26).

This morning, the Police arrived at his home in the village of Baggona and took a forced confession that he died suffering from diseases.

The victim was trapped and arrested by the Police when he visited the village's market on the Ocassion of Islamic Eid Festival.

The victim is identified as 'Hafiz Mohammed Sadek' S/o 'Mv Nazir Ahmed', 35, and was a student of religious studies.

"He was Hafiz, who knew the Holy Quran by heart. He was arrested by the Border Guard Police from 'Maggyi Chaung' Camp at the village's market yesterday. He was tortured the whole night.

In the morning when he died due to the extreme tortures, the Police came to his wife and FORCED her to give a statement that he was suffering from multiple diseases and hence died in the Police lock-up", said a said an elderly man in Southern Maungdaw asking not to be identified.

His dead-body was sent to the Maungdaw Hospital for autopsy and hasn't been handed over to his family (as of 11 AM Myanmar Time).

Another village man, Mohammed Toyub (son of) Nazir, a magician by profession, was arbitrarily arrested by the Border Guard Police in Baggona village on June 25. He has been incommunicado since then.

In a separate news, Rohingya Vision reports the following about missing Rohingyas.
Northern Maungdaw: In the violent attack and raid conducted by the military and BGP in collaboration with Rakhines on Botali Hamlet of Kyun Pauk Pyu Zuu Village Track, Northern Maungdaw yesterday on Eid Day, two men are missing and several others severely injured.
The missing men are identified as Abu Salam, son of Abdul Majid, 50 and Abu Siddique, son of Keramot Ali, 65, from Botali Hamlet (1). There were total 20 persons missing, but 18 of them returned home in the evening with injuries.
They are still missing, while the villagers have traced a location in the mountain with blood and so, they are worried about the fate of the two victims.
Today (on 27/06/2017), since morning another hamlet called Pa Li Pyin has been under siege, attack and raid by military, BGP and Rakhine extremists. In the morning, some villagers have fled to neighboring village, but currently they have besieged the hamlet from every sides.
All the villagers are forced to gather at a place vacating their homes, while the Rakhines are looting them, moving all the valuables, destroying them and vandalizing sacred sites and things.
Normally these villages were stable even in post-2012 period and 9/10 operations, but the local authorities and Rakines were extremely trying to destabilize.
Finally exploiting the disputes between four Rakhines on 24/6/2017, the armed authorities and Rakhines have started violent attack afresh on Rohingya villages one by one.
For a couple of hours, we have been losing our contact at the region, as the village is under siege and being attacked.

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