Wednesday, January 24, 2018

News Report from Burma Task Force

First the good news, Bangladesh has "delayed" the repatriation of Rohingya refugees to Burma who are adamant they do not want to return without security. Your calls, tweets and urging of Bangladesh's government not to send Rohingya back worked, and for that we want to thank you!
As you know though there is still much more that must be done to ensure Rohingya are not returned to a situation where their lives are once again under threat.
Reuters reported "a wire-mesh fence topped by barbed wire" around a camp where Rohingyas will be "housed." This is according to a photo published by a Burmese government newspaper. 48 Rohingyas will be forced to live in each hut of this genocide zone.
This is reminiscent of what The New York Times called the concentration camps of 21st century where 120,000 Rohingyas are being kept since 2012 under barbed wire with no freedom to leave. No freedom to get a job, to receive healthcare or get an education.
All this while the genocide is ongoing. Just last week 500 Rohingya houses were burned down and hundreds arrived in Bangladesh.
A Washington Post editor on Sunday wrote, "Burma, a country also known as Myanmar, is showing how the genocide can be carried out quickly, comprehensively - and with virtually no consequences for the perpetrators."

India & Japan Are Funding Concentration Camps

UK Camapaign for Burma has launched a worldwide petition to stop India and Japan from funding these new concentration camps for Rohingya. We support their campaign. Please sign the petition now.
Contact the Indian & Japanese Ambassadors to Protest

Call the Indian Ambassador: (202)939-7000. Contact.
Call the Japanese Ambassador: (202)238-6700.

Talking Points:
  • Do not support the genocide of the Rohingya by funding these concentration camps.
  • There can be no repatriation of Rohingya without security.
  • If they are concerned about the safety of Rohingyas give them refuge in your country instead of sending them to genocide zones.
  • While talking to the Indian ambassador tell them that you are also aware that they have taken away the citizenship of 13 million Indian Muslims.

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