Sunday, March 25, 2018

Israeli Justice becoming a laughing stock

A Jewish Israeli man was sentenced on Tuesday to 400 hours of community service and a $2,200 fine after participating in a group assault on a Palestinian returning home from work. Daniel Cohen Shor was “convicted of his own admission in a plea bargain deal for the crime of aggravated battery,” reported Haaretz. The Jerusalem District Court judge justified the light sentence “because of the man’s personal circumstances and because he accepted responsibility for his actions”. Cohen Shor, along with five others, attacked a 45-year-old Palestinian – named only as “N.” – as he returned home from work near Al-Walaja, south of Jerusalem. The group threw stones at N., hitting him in the ribs and left ear, before beating him as he lay on the ground and racially abusing him. Haaretz noted that “the trial of the other defendants involved in the incident is still underway”, and “Cohen Shor is expected to testify against the others involved in the incident.”….

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