Saturday, April 11, 2015

Myanmar government officials demand money for receipt

Recent news from the Arakan state of Myanmar suggest that the village/block admin officers near the Maungdaw municipal areas are demanding money from the villagers for receipts who returned their white cards to the village/block admin office since April 1. 

Bribe and corruptions go hand in hand and are very common in Myanmar. Initially, government of Myanmar tried to assure the White Card holders that if they surrender those cards they would be issued a receipt proving that they had surrendered their cards. But now that the White Cards are confiscated or Rohingya and other minorities forced to surrender theirs, the government officials are demanding bribe to issue such receipts. This ploy would not only discourage many Rohingya and other minorities to hold onto their cards but further victimize them. Without any receipt they will be dumped as outsiders or intruders, further cutting down their ties to their ancestral homes. 

In our time, outside the Occupied Palestine rarely do we see such sinister developments! It is worrisome and needs to be stopped right a way.

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