Friday, May 1, 2015

IDP camps inside Myanmar bring further danger

This week the Newsweek magazine covered life inside an IDP camp in Akyab (Sittwe) of the Arakan (Rakhine) state of Myanmar.

As mentioned several times by outside observers the condition inside the IDP camps is simply deplorable. It is also dangerous for Muslims. The city, once home to Muslim Rohingyas who gave its original name, is now a town without any Muslim to be seen, painfully reminding what has gone wrong there. The Muslim population comprised roughly half the total population in the town. They have been simply ethnically cleansed by the terrorist Buddhists, Rakhines, as part of a very sinister, well-planned genocide.

To quote from the Newsweek article, "A tense normality has returned to Sittwe, but there are no Muslims to be seen. They are either in the ghettos sealed by police, or in the camps outside. Nazir quarter where they once lived is now an empty lot, reclaimed by tropical vegetation. But few of the Rohingya I spoke to have any doubt about the ultimate aim of this segregation. "The extremists want to ethnic cleanse," Mojuma Begum said. "They want to carry out genocide." A fear confirmed by the chilling words of a young Rakhine refugee. "I want to kill the Muslims," said Aung Ko Naing. "Many feel like me . . . I want to get rid of them all.""

That is a grim reminder again of the genocide that is taking place inside Myanmar. The world community, sadly, is too hung up on making money and doing business, and has done nothing substantial that protects the victims of such a crime. It is shameful!

You can view the piece by clicking here.

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