Sunday, January 10, 2016

Hindu Mahasabha plans for Godse statue in New Delhi

Every student of history of India knows that Nathuram Godse, a member of the Hindutvadi fascist organization, killed M.K. Gandhi within months after India had earned independence from the Great Britain by shooting in his chest three times at point-blank range on January 30, 1948 in New Delhi.
To most Indians, he is a fascist, a killer who does not deserve any sympathy, and surely no statue. However, to his fascist supporters within Hindutvadi organizations like the Hindu Mahasabha, RSS and others he is considered a martyr. Now that BJP, a member of the Sangh Parivar, is in power, they want Godse's statue built in the capital city of New Delhi. Some powerful leaders within BJP obviously endorse such a move. For instance, BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj had said, "Godse was an aggrieved person. He may have done something by mistake but was not an anti-national. He was a patriot."
Mahasabha national president Chandra Prasad Kaushik has also sought a debate on the entire issue and said that the reasons given in the Court by Godse for killing Gandhi should be made public.
"We are going to demand for a place from the government for installation of the bust. If the government fails to provide us with such a place then we will install it at our places.
"We have Hindu Mahasabha, which has offices in various states. We will install the busts there. We will write a letter to the government," Kaushik told PTI.
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