Saturday, April 22, 2017

My comments to Elcano Royal Institute's analysis on misguided women of Spain

 has recently completed an analysis that looks at the women who are recruited to join DAESH in Spain: who they are, how they were radicalised and what their motivations and functions are within the groups, cells and networks in which they ultimately become involved.

My comments to the analysis follow:

It's a good analysis pointing out some of the reasons behind why a girl, raised up in the west, may become influenced to join Daesh.
My question is - what are the countermeasures that the western governments and societies can formulate that could avoid such gravitational pull of nihilistic groups like the  Daesh (or the so-called ISIS)?
As the report shows, these girls who joined or intended to join Daesh were not illiterate, probably computer literate, and yet were mostly unemployed.
Often times it is the economics that dictate how things end up. If these Muslim youths, converted or born, had the job opportunity in places like Spain, France and Germany, I'm willing to believe that 80% of the threat from the misguided Muslim anarchists would have disappeared. And yet, in places like France, even a 3rd generation French-born Muslim of North African descent cannot find jobs. That is the ugly reality in Le Pen's France! What has the French society done to integrate children and grand-children of those African immigrants? These western societies have created ghettos without integrating diverse communities where everyone feels part of the whole.
The racist and bigots in these western societies like to keep the current paradigm as is for their own selfish political gains, which allow them to recruit white supremacists to their flawed and criminal cause of dividing our world. They are unwilling to smell the  coffee and wake up to the reality that the world we live today is much different than the world our parents and grandparents grew up. It has become a global village now and will continue to be so where political boundaries will not be able to define what we are. Successful polities will be those who understand this message and are willing to change to embrace diversity by integrating these diverse people within their boundaries giving them opportunities to better themselves and thereby the very society that they have adopted or are willing to adopt. That means integration, and not imposed assimilation, and surely not  alienation, which are self-defeating in the long run.
Since the advent of internet, we are living in a world of information superhighway, which is making it easy for anarchists to attract naïve ill-educated people on fundamentals of Islam to their nihilistic causes. They are promising many of the things that are denied to these confused youths or adults who see a glorious end to their otherwise useless life. Unless such serious issues are tackled with meaningful solutions we may never see the end of nihilistic attacks in the West. That is the billion, or who knows trillion, dollar question that our politicians need to answer - what are they doing?

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