Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Muzaffarnagar 2013

Secular India has a very unsecular record on protecting minority groups. Riots and mayhems are more like norms in this largest democracy - most often initiated and/or promoted by Hindu fanatics of RSS, Vishwa Hindu Parishad - that are parents of BJP - the party that ruled India and will probably come to power again in 2014. Police forces and Border Security Forces have been used by those in authority to brutally terroize others that are vulnerable and insecure (for a sample of such police brutality, please, click here). Justice is often delayed, if not ignored.

Here is a short list of major incidents of organized violence against Muslim minorities in India.


Casualty figure
Hyderabad massacre of 1948 1948 Massacre of 40,000 Muslims
1969 Gujarat riots 1969 430 Muslims killed
Moradabad riots, Uttar Pradesh 1980 2500 Muslims killed
Nellie massacre, Assam 1980 5000 Muslims killed
Hashimpura massacre, Meerut, Uttar Pradesh 1987 42 Muslims murdered by Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC)
Bhagalpur riots, Bihar 1989 1070 Muslims killed
Bombay Riots 1992-93 600 Muslims killed
2002 Gujarat violence, Ahmedabad 2002 More than 1000 Muslims killed
2012 Assam violence 2012 More than 50 Muslims killed

Muzaffarnagar last year saw her worst violence in which nearly four dozen Muslims were killed.  Thousands of Muslims are afraid to return to their village. More than 100 riots happened in the Uttar Pradesh in just a year.

A fact-finding mission found the hands of BJP everywhere. Its leaders have been active in organising the panchayats and the mahapanchayats in the villages where hate speeches pushed the crowd to take revenge against the Muslims. Slogans against Muslims for killing cows mixed with slogans in support of Narendra Modi rent the air after the series of meetings and mahapanchayats in the villages.

You can read the findings and recommendations made by the mission by clicking here.

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