Sunday, September 10, 2017

Speak out against injustice and violence in India

I just signed a petition in the on "Pledge: Speak out against injustice and violence, and defend the values of India’s Constitution". The petition drive on this topic was first started by Harsh Mander, a fellow human rights activist. My message to the petition is:
What is happening under BJP rule under the name of saving cow has turned into lynching of Muslims. It is shameful for a country where once the image of Gandhi flourished larger than life.
If you are serious about joining the voice of those who like to see a change for better in India, consider signing the petition by clicking here.
There is a rising darkness in India. Mobs are acting out violent crimes against people who they hate because of religion and caste, and also because they speak out against hate and unreason.
These assaults are characterised by bystanders who actively support the killing, or do nothing to stop it.
Hate lynching threatens to grow into a national epidemic, and Indian minorities and disadvantaged castes are learning to endure an intense sense of fear.
They have already learnt to tolerate discrimination, but today they live in fear of violence. Of being vulnerable to attack anywhere - on a public road, in a bus or train, in a market place or even in their own homes.
Dalits were whipped mercilessly in Una and the attackers circulated those videos with pride. Pehlu Khan was killed on a busy highway. 16-year-old Junaid was stabbed to death on a crowded train station. Akhlaq is lynched by his own neighbours. Rationalists and intellectuals who battle hate politics like Gauri Lankesh are shot dead.   
How culpable are we when our brothers and sisters are lynched and killed and we just stand by?
We need to ask our self why we stay silent? Why don’t we intervene when murderous hate is unleashed on innocent lives.
We need our conscience to ache.
To break our silences, to fight hate and fear, we are embarking on a Karwan e Mohabbat, a journey of solidarity, atonement and love (
Join us, sign this pledge to show your solidarity with love, justice, equality, freedom and India’s Constitution.  
Sign this pledge to show our brothers and sisters who are forced to live with fear and hate that there are Indians willing to stand with them in solidarity.
Sign this pledge to resolve to speak out and fight against hate, violence, discrimination, injustice and unreason against any person.
Sign this pledge to uphold love against hate, equality against caste, gender, class and religion based inequality, freedom against unfreedom.
Sign this pledge to defend the values of India’s constitution: justice, liberty, equality and fraternity.
Sign this pledge to defend the promise of India’s Constitution that we the people gave to ourselves: that this country belongs equally to all, regardless of their faith, caste, gender, language, culture and wealth.  

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