Friday, May 9, 2014

Pathikrit's ignoble sanctification of xenophobia

In an article in the One India someone under the pen name of Pathikrit has made many unsupportable claims about the so-called Bangladeshi infiltrators in India. His claim is flawed on several grounds, and interested readers may like to read my articles on the Assam violence, which have targeted Muslims for a number of decades.
The anti-Bengali local governments of Assam have played evil roles in such massacres, at least dating back to the time of Nelli massacre that witnessed massacre of thousands of Muslims. Even in the recent ones in which Bodo terrorists (mix of Christians, animists, Hindus and Buddhists) have attacked Muslims and other Adivashi (indigenous) people of Assam, the local government of Tarun Gogoi had a hand in letting such targeted violence happen against minority Bengali-speaking Muslims. They have become the willing executioners in the altar of xenophobia, hatred and bigotry.
There is no supporting evidence that Bangladeshi Muslims have infiltrated into Assam after 1971. During the War of Liberation some East Pakistanis did take refuge there, but almost all, per Indian government account, had returned and settled back to Bangladesh after the country's independence. It is said that some Hindus with close family relatives already living in Assam might have chosen to stay back, but their number is not large.
In recent years with the resurgence of Hindutvadi fascism, what was once anti-Bengali movement in Assam for decades has transformed into an anti-Muslim campaign. Modi and BJP therefore like to divide the Bengali speaking people that had historically settled there for centuries.
Nilim Dutta has been also fighting xenophobic claims against Bengali-speaking Muslims, and his blog  should be a good read for anyone interested in the truth about this 'infiltration' debate.

Far from Pathikrit's claim that his article is aimed at digging facts out of fiction, he has basically promoted intolerance and despicable xenophobia against Bengali-speaking Muslims. He is no better than a fascist who promotes hateful fascism.

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